Our Mission

American West strives to be a world class provider of supply chain solutions. We aim to be the supply chain management company that the industry looks up to and emulates in terms of our performance and ethics. We work to be an integral part of our customer's success and strive to be a good employer and an enjoyable place to work.

Our Vision

Our vision is a series of statements that describes the ultimate accomplishment of our organization. This vision speaks to the overall outlook and perspective that we as team members share. Together with our code of conduct, it guides our behavior and provides direction for our decision making. We expect all associates to be guided by these principals and guidelines at all times:

  • We deliver 100% of our service commitments
  • Our focus is on the needs of our customers by solving their problems in a creative and value added way
  • Your efforts drive profitability, we must continually strive to be cost effective, productive, and provide high quality service.
  • We are ethical, honest, truth seeking, high energy, innovative, adaptive and persistent as an operating unit.
  • We listen for and are receptive and sensitive to the needs of our customers, fellow workers and valued vendors.
  • We strive for zero defects as an organization. We encourage people to achieve their full potential through challenge, support and teamwork.
  • We encourage decision making by those closest to the issues. People are aware and take into consideration the consequences of their actions. Problems should be solved, not exported to the next process.