The American West Way

Providing a great service while helping people around the world.

Every time you ship a product with American West you are helping people who are less fortunate because American West identifies organizations throughout the year and at year end to send 10% of all profits to those in need.

Our American West Way was started many years ago by its founders, Joshua and Cathie Brown. In the 1980’s Josh and Cathie started funding ministries of their previous company Right-O-Way. The profits of Right-O-Way funded several ministries including a food ministry in Santa Ana, California that fed more than 1,000,000 people. The same commitment to helping those less fortunate was started in 1992 at American West. American West is blessed to have helped numbers of Compassion International Children, started schools in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Zambia and has provided fresh water wells in Ethiopia and Uganda.

So, come and join us in a unique company that not only provides a great service but also helps people around the world.

Josh Brown & Noelle Brown hiking Mt Kenya to a water reservoir. Several well were later drilled for Villages by Lifewater in conjunction with Phil Mandeville & Alice Water project.
Noelle Brown & Dr. Kenoti of Lifewater identifying a water source on Mt Kenya for villages. Later, several wells were drilled by the assistance of Phil Mandeville and Alice Water project.
Phil Mandeville with guides hiking Mt Kenya.
A school in rural India visited and helped.
Noelle Brown at school in India.
Josh's speaking engagement in Nepal.
Josh, Jessie Brown & Family Friend Megan Oneil in Ethiopia. A well was drilled in a rural village.
Jessie Brown & Megan Oneil at a new water point in rural Ethiopia.
Josh giving jerry cans for the new water well.
Josh at a village celebration.
Jay Woodward - Awest VP - & his daughter Ashley participate in the Mexico trip.
Awest Team - Group picture of several Awest team members, travel with Josh Brown, CEO to Mexico to build a bible school.
Wes Williams - Awest Sales VP and his sons Ryan and Ross participate in the Mexico trip.
Awest team on the ground and in the air participating in the Mexico trip.
Faith Brown at new water well in Cambodia.
Josh Brown & Faith Brown crossing river in Bangladesh to see water purification system completed by American West.
School in Bangladesh. Awest is building another school with a water well in N. Bangladesh early 2016.
Josh & Faith at new Water desal plant developed by Awest & Lifewater in Bangladesh.
Grace Like Rain (GLR) Ministries is committed to extending God's love to families who have suffered homelessness, parental incarceration, financial devastation and other times of severe need by providing programming, training, education, resources, housing and tangible assistance. American West and its employees welcome the opportunity to attend the Grace Like Rain Gala that is held every year in Argyle, TX. Cathie Brown, Reed Cullum, Shelly Cullum, and Michelle Crow, are some of our employees celebrating, and honoring the vision of GLR and its families. American West is proud to support GLR Ministries - providing, for moms and dad's, of young children, a helping hand, in times of crisis and homelessness.